Ricky Hil

With beats that make cloud rap seem like speed metal, plus titles such as "Sky's Black," "Xanax Bars," "Suicide Watch," and "Psych Ward Blues," rapper Ricky Hil's dark and cursed music is a long way off from the bright and mainstream work of his father, fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger. Born Richard James Hilfiger in Manhattan, New York, he became Ricky Hil in 2007 and began releasing a series of mixtapes. In 2014, he formed the Limo Nostra label and released the LP SYLDD, which stood for "Support Your Local Drug Dealer." The bleak and dark album featured guest appearances from the Weeknd, Kid Cudi, and Leona Lewis. He traveled further along the downward spiral with 2015's Candy Painted Coffins, an album that featured songs like "Suicide Watch" and "Paranoia."

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