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A hit television show in the Flemish-speaking region of Belgium, Samson & Gert was a children's show developed by producers Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest, and Hans Bourlon. The show debuted on the Christmas holiday in 1989, and was quickly moved into regular production and transmission in 1990. The show, starring Gert as himself (more or less) and Verbiest as Samson, would go on to last for 16 years, finally coming to a close in 2006. During its run, Samson & Gert released roughly a CD a year, in addition to briskly selling DVD collections of the show. The show remained in the Flemish consciousness after the end of its full-time run, in yearly Christmas specials and the occasional music video. In 2008, plans for a Samson & Gert full-length movie were finally realized, and the film -- featuring cameos from leading Belgian entertainers Hotel op Stelten (Madhouse Hotel) -- was in theaters in March of that year. ~ Chris True