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Sean2 Miles is a producer, rapper, and singer whose Auto-Tune-heavy mix of hip-hop and R&B incorporates elements of pop and house music. His songs are sexual and hedonistic as well as introspective; not for nothing did he title his 2018 debut full-length Heartaches & Turnups.

Miles originated from Farmhaven, Mississippi, where he grew up listening to blues, soul, and hip-hop. He began producing at the age of 15, and after he graduated from high school in 2008, he moved out west to attend the Los Angeles Recording School. He initially broke into the music business as an engineer and producer, and put in studio time with Juicy J and Snoop Dogg. He also appeared on three episodes of Vanderpump Rules, and appeared on star Lala Kent's 2017 single "4 U." Miles' single "I Got Bitxhes" appeared soon afterwards, and full-length Heartaches & Turnups was released in 2018.

Farmhaven, MS

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