Canadian crew Seekersinternational (sometimes abbreviated to SKRSINTL or just SKRS) create some of the most warped, dislocated dub imaginable. Recalling Adrian Sherwood's strangest productions and the lo-fi aesthetic of the Jahtari label, their tracks deconstruct '80s dancehall rhythms until they're completely twisted and lopsided, adding more blown-out echo and delay than even Scientist or Lee "Scratch" Perry would deem necessary. The crew has a revolving lineup including many musicians from the Vancouver underground music scene, and Seekersinternational releases don't specify which members participated in their creation. Their rare live performances have ranged from dubplate DJ sessions to laptop sets.

Seekersinternational made their debut with a series of mysterious self-released 7" singles near the end of the 2000s. They then released several collaborations with Vancouver-based ambient dub techno producer wzrdryAV. Brad Rose, founder of the Digitalis label, became enamored with both artists, and issued Seekersinternational's debut LP, The Call from Below, in 2012 (as well as two subsequent wzrdryAV tapes). Releases continued on additional labels, including the 2014 cassettes Rootprinciple and Reconsiders the Vampire's Curse. Boomarm Nation released the Her Imperial Majesty LP in 2015, and Bokeh Versions issued the lovers rock-inspired LoversDedicationStation in 2016. The year also saw the release of Inna Dancehall Showdown (a collaboration with MX7 that was originally slated to be released by Digitalis several years earlier, before the label folded) and RaggaPreservationSociety (a cassette of mutated ragga-jungle). ~ Paul Simpson

    Richmond, British Columbia, Canad

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