SG Wannabe

An immensely popular South Korean R&B-style trio, SG Wannabe (the SG stood for Simon & Garfunkel) hit the pop-scene in 2004. Wary of appearing on television to promote their work, or star in videos for singles, SG Wannabe's debut (2004's Wannabe+) was -- nevertheless -- a hit, the band banking on its vocal and musical talent over its appearance. Their belief that their music would make enough of an impact on its own was proven over the course of the group's career as members Chae Dong Ha, Kim Yong Jun, and Kim Jin Ho saw their next three releases (2005's Saldaga, 2006's The 3rd Masterpiece, and 2007's The Sentimental Chord) top album charts across the board, as well as winning a number of industry awards. The group planned to release album number five in March of 2008. ~ Chris True

    South Korea

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