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Melodic hardcore punk unit Shook Ones came to life around vocalist Scott Freeman and guitarist Zach "Funds" Muljat at the end of 2004 in a Bellingham, WA basement (though the band would later relocate to Seattle). Largely influenced by acts like Lifetime, Jawbreaker, and 7 Seconds, the group released a self-titled demo that same year, which aptly set the stage for Sixteen, their fast and abrasive full-length debut, on New York's Endwell Records in 2005. The album began to turn heads in the punk underground, and at the tail-end of the year, that buzz (and some luck) had led Shook Ones into inking a deal with Revelation Records. Two albums were released in 2006 through the label; the 7" Slaughter of the Insole appeared first, followed by the full-length Facetious Folly Feat, which showcased melodic rock moments alongside their blistering pop-punk. By then, Freeman and Muljat were rounded out by drummer Jimmy Walsh (ex-No Roses), bassist Bo Stewart and guitarist Kelly Aiken. The band set out on the road playing shows with Paint It Black, Less Than Jake, and Smoke or Fire; they also took time to hit the studio and record two split 7's, one with Japan's Easel (2007) and one with New York's End of a Year (2008). By the end of 2007, Shook Ones and Revelation had gone their separate ways, and in the summer of 2008, they hooked up instead with the recently launched Florida label Paper + Plastick Records, owned by Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake. They entered the studio in October to record their third full-length, The Unquotable A.M.H. (the title an inside reference to actor Anthony Michael Hall), and a tour of Europe led into its release (digital and vinyl only) in June 2009. Shook Ones played a set that fall at the popular Gainesville punk festival The Fest, before hitting the road on dates with Title Fight and We Are the Union. ~ Corey Apar

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