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About Side Effect

Dangling on the punk revival style since their formation in 1994, Side Effect soon proved to be going beyond the simple frenzied guitar riff spirit. After their first rehearsals, the Austrian group realized they wanted to do more than simply throw in two notes and sing along. Their preferences were then to adjoin alternative pop rhythms, swing, or even hardcore, this way producing their very own sonority. Formed in Vienna, the band's first lineup consisted of Martin Winter on bass, Clemens Drabek on vocals, Dave and Armand on guitars, and Clemens Klein on drums. Prior to the recording of their first demo tape in early 1995, Winter and Drabek left. Dave then took over as the vocalist, while Captain T joined on bass. Following the recording of their second demo, titled We're Back, the crew managed to get a deal with Remedy Records and ended up releasing their debut album Old New World in 1998. The group then toured Austria and its surroundings for more than two years before deciding to enter the studio again. By the end of 2000, Hits was released, again on Remedy. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges