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Sidilarsen is a French alternative metal band that made its album debut in 2003. Founded in 1997 in Toulouse, France, the band is influenced by industrial metal acts such as Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein as well as electronica acts such as the Prodigy and Micropoint. Comprised of Didou (vocals), Viber (guitar, vocals), Benben (guitar), Fryzzzer (bass, electronics), and Samuel (drums, electronics), Sidilarsen released their full-length album debut, Biotop, in 2003 on the label M10 in association with the Antistatic collective. The band's second album, Eau (2005), released on the label Pias, was their first to reach the French albums chart and was followed by the remix album Réactivation Numérique (2006). The band's third album, Une Nuit Pour Sept Jours (2008), released on the label New Track Music, was their most popular to date, reaching number 140 on the French albums chart. ~ Jason Birchmeier