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A post-hardcore group with roots in punk and emo, alt-rockers Sights & Sounds emerged from Canada with a self-titled debut EP in 2007. Following two more releases and a six-year break from recording, they expanded their sound with additional instruments and electronic elements for their second full-length, 2019's No Virtue.
After issuing the Sights & Sounds EP in 2007, the lineup of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid), drummer Joel Neufeld (Sick City), guitarist Adrian Mottram, and bassist Matthew Howes recorded Sight & Sounds' full-length debut with producer Devin Townsend. Titled Monolith, it arrived in 2009. In addition to touring with the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, Billy Talent, and Architects, they added keyboardist Dave Grabowski to the official membership and returned with the EP Silver Door on Pure Noise in 2013.
Mottram parted ways with Sights & Sounds before they released their second album, 2019's No Virtue. Incorporating electronic elements into their already complex sound, it was issued independently in partnership with Static Era Records. ~ Marcy Donelson

Jan 2006