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Alt-metal band Silver Snakes formed in 2011 after lead singer Alex Estrada's former hardcore band split. The new group -- composed of bassist Mike Trujillo, guitarist Jeremiah Bignell, and drummer Garrett Harney -- combined their myriad influences to produce a hard rock sound born of the post-'90s heavy alternative scene. Though he had hardcore roots, Estrada was also influenced by Latin music and industrial. The latter informed much of their sound, which nods to bands like Sleep, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Ministry, but with a modern hardcore edge. Their first album, Pictures of a Floating World, debuted an upbeat, hungry blast of fury like At the Drive-In almost a decade before in 2001. The band grew progressively darker, as sophomore release, Year of the Snake, unveiled a harder, downtempo sludge. In 2016, the band added light synth elements to amp up the industrial influences, producing a beautiful and brutal crusher akin to late-era Deftones on third album Saboteur. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

Los Angeles, CA

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