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Blending sludgy post-punk with experimental, grunge-kissed noise rock, Seattle-based trio So Pitted were formed out of a shared love for bands like Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, and the Mars Volta. Built around the talents of multi-instrumentalists Nathan Rodriguez, Liam Downey, and Jeannine Koewler, So Pitted gleaned their name from a popular YouTube video that featured a surfer uttering the phrase after a particularly gnarly ride. Their penchant for nonlinear songwriting and desperate lyrics set against a backdrop of shape-shifting yet always seismic volume has drawn comparisons to bands like Sonic Youth, Tad, Mudhoney, Fucked Up, and even early Nirvana. In late 2015 they released a series of singles ("Holding the Void," "Feed Me," "Rot in Hell") in anticipation of their full-length debut, Neo, which was issued via Sub Pop in early 2016. ~ James Christopher Monger

Seattle, WA