So They Say

If the tribute to the city's skyline on the cover of their debut doesn't tip you off, So They Say hail from St. Louis, MO. David Schroeder, Joseph Hamilton, Joe Hoermann, Nick Walters, and Justin Hanson had all been in bands before So They Say, but when the lineup finally gelled it felt pretty right. It also didn't hurt that the tracks they'd posted on sites like and were receiving fawning approval from all over the U.S. Fearless Records took notice of the online buzz and signed So They Say in 2004. The band then headed out on the Warped Tour and released its self-titled EP in September 2005. Its raucous sound blended post-hardcore tension with urgent vocals for a sound similar to bands like Hidden in Plain View. The full-length Antidote for Irony followed in March 2006 alongside a South by Southwest slot and tour dates with Allister and June. Life in Surveillance followed in 2007. ~ Johnny Loftus

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