One of the original British translators of Detroit's machine music, Steve Pickton's recordings as Phenomyna, Stasis and Paul W. Teebrooke furrowed similar ground to production compatriots like Black Dog, B12 and Kirk Degiorgio's As One, though his sound (and discography) later expanded to include a range of influences, from drum'n'bass and rare-groove to experimental techno and trip-hop. Pickton debuted in the early '90s on the tiny Time Is Right label before releasing an EP for B12 Records as Stasis. He made the connection through B12 to Kirk Degiorgio's A.R.T. Records, and released the label's first full-length as Phenomyna, Unexplained. Pickton recruited Black Dog, Redcell, As One, Nuron and his own Stasis project to remix tracks from the album for a double EP, Explained, Vols. 1-2.

During 1994-95, Pickton began incorporating the diverse sounds of British electronica with his first Stasis full-length, 1994's Inspiration. For a volume in the trip-hop label Mo' Wax's Excursions series, he issued a Stasis single which filtered a heavier jazz inspiration through the bounds of sublime Detroit techno. In 1995, Pickton formed his own Otherworld Records (with Teebrooke and Phenomyna releases) and recorded two projects with Mark Broom: as Kape Ill Miester for Pure Plastic and A13, and as Nine Machine for the American experimental label Plug Research. Pickton branced out with remixes for Repeat, Patrick Pulsinger's IO and Clatterbox. By 1996, he had released his second Stasis LP, From the Old to the New. The following year brought his most diverse recordings yet, on the Paul W. Teebrooke LP Connections. [See Also: Paul W. Teebrooke] ~ John Bush

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