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A singer with a strong voice and spirit to match, Stephanie Quayle's musical career evolved from pop to country, with a musical savvy that worked for both. Quayle's music blends contemporary country style with a strong thread of traditionalism, while her voice possesses an authentic Southern twang that makes room for a thoroughly modern confidence and sass. Her 2017 album Love the Way You See Me was a well-crafted effort that included the hits "Drinking with Dolly" and "Selfish," while 2019's If I Was a Cowboy found her gaining strength as a performer.
Born in Bozeman, Montana, Quayle was raised on her parents' buffalo ranch, and she was introduced to country music through the AM radio in the barn where she did her chores. She became fascinated with the way a story could be expressed through songs, and at the age of 12 she began writing her own. After learning piano, Quayle bought a second-hand guitar at 15 and taught herself to play, setting her lyrics to music. When she was 16, she spent several months in Switzerland as an exchange student; while she was there, she joined a local band as lead singer, and even recorded an album with them before returning to Montana.
After finishing high school, Quayle moved to Los Angeles in hopes of making her way into the music business. In 2004, Quayle released her first album, Turquoise, a set of country-influenced pop. Sales figures were modest, and in time Quayle headed for Nashville, where the country side of her musical personality would be free to flower. In 2009, she released an EP, No End, a more straightforward country effort that included the song "Ain't No Housewife." The song became the title track of Quayle's second full-length album, which was also released in 2009. In 2013, she signed with the independent country label Rebel Engine Entertainment, and released a seven-song EP, Stand Back. In 2016, Quayle made a major impression with the single "Drinking with Dolly," which celebrated iconic women of country music and served as the lead single from her third album, 2017's Love the Way You See Me. 2019 saw the release of the EP If I Was a Cowboy; it included the song "Whatcha Drinkin' 'Bout," which made a significant impression on country radio and streaming services. ~ Mark Deming

Bozeman, MT

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