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Stunt Taylor is a rapper who achieved national notice in 2013 with "Fe Fe on the Block," a track that exemplified Chicago's emergent partying-oriented bop trend with its upbeat, celebratory appeal to the city's dancers. Previously, Taylor, a native of the K-Town area of Chicago's west side, was a football hopeful, but injuries left him sidelined as a teenager. He had started rapping at the age of 15 and began to make a serious effort in his early twenties, just before he earned a degree from Globe Institute of Technology in New York. In 2013, Taylor targeted dancefloors with "Fe Fe on the Block," which became a bop-dancing anthem well before the end of the year. He released an EP of the same title the following year. Subsequent releases of greater length included 2015's Stunt'n on Turbo (featuring Twista and Chief Keef on "Friend of Me"), 2016's Maison Margiela Music, and 2017's Captain Hook, issued as the rapper appeared on numerous cuts headlined by fellow Chicagoans. ~ Andy Kellman

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