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Shortly after the dissolution of their twee punk band P.S. Elliot in 2011, singer/guitarists Allison Crutchfield and Kyle Gilbride moved to Brooklyn and quickly started up a new project, Swearin'. Allison had been in bands since her elementary school days with sister Katie Crutchfield, who started the introspective solo project Waxahatchee after P.S. Elliot's breakup. Recruiting bassist Keith Spencer and drummer Jeff Bolt, Swearin' kept the fuzzy energy of mid-'90s indie rock bands as diverse as Jawbreaker, Built to Spill, or Liz Phair, while fitting nicely into the 2010s D.I.Y. punk and house-show scene. The band released a six-song demo cassette entitled What a Dump in December of 2011, following it with a proper self-titled LP in 2012, and Surfing Strange in late 2013. Around the time of Surfing Strange, the band also appeared on a compilation 7" of Guided by Voices covers with like-minded bands such as Upset and Screaming Females. ~ Fred Thomas

Brooklyn, NY

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