Developing their compositions within restless cores of the alternative metal style, the Canadian band Tallman delivers powerful themes, trusting both on a strong rhythm section and on fierce guitar strains associated with deep and mind-gazing lyrics. Forming in Toronto in 1999, Tallman rapidly became one of the top bands within the local music arena. Only four months after establishing, they entered the studio to record their first tracks, and not long after, Innoculation, their self-released debut album, hit record stores. Andrew Lauzon (bass, vocals), Paul Agricola (guitar), Jay Toner (vocals, guitar), and Rick Welbanks secured the set of the Canadian team, bound to create new sounds within the most aggressive scopes of alternative music. Playing their unique creations on breathtaking live shows all across Toronto's club scene, Tallman swiftly developed a growing and loyal fan base. In 2001, the unit went back to the recording studio, delivering a three-song demo CD, blazing their increasing popularity, not only locally, but also beyond their national frontiers. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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