About Team WaterPolo

Team Waterpolo were launched into the indie limelight a mere ten months after they formed thanks to the popularity of their first single, "Letting Go." The band formed in Preston, England in the summer of 2007 with Fred Davis, Nathan Standlee, Ruggero Lorenzin, and Lex Dunn. Borrowing liberally from pop-punk, hip-hop, and ska acts, Team Waterpolo formulated a boisterous, irreverent, infectiously pop sound that nodded to acts like Franz Ferdinand, Eskimo Disco, and the Beastie Boys. Soon after they formed, the band made several demo tracks available via their MySpace profile, including "Letting Go." MySpace Music caught wind of the band and featured them on the front page of the site, which essentially launched the band, Arctic Monkeys style, into Internet stardom overnight. The band self-released their lead single, "Letting Go," in March 2008, amid a whirlwind of attention from bloggers and mainstream music critics alike. Team Waterpolo spent a good part of the early summer of that year performing on the NME New Noise Tour, sharing the stage with Crystal Castles. They had plans to release a single on Moshi Moshi Records in the fall. ~ Margaret Reges

Preston, Lancashire, England

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