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About The Ballroom Thieves

An indie folk-rock band with a big-hearted, energetic sound, the Ballroom Thieves came together in 2010 while guitarist Martin Earley and drummer Devin Mauch were attending Stonehill College outside of Boston. Adding cellist Calin Peters in 2013, the trio recorded their full-length debut, 2015's A Wolf in the Doorway, which introduced fans to their rich harmonic blend and rousing arrangements. The months spent on the road promoting their debut took their toll on the three musicians who channeled their struggles into their deeply personal and edgier follow-up, Deadeye, in 2016. Their crusade continued a year later with the release of "Only Lonely," the lead single from their forthcoming EP on the Nettwerk label. A lovely, plaintive acoustic track, "Only Lonely" signaled the emergence of Peters as a more dominant songwriting force in the band. ~ Timothy Monger

Boston, MA

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