The Butterscotch Cathedral

The Butterscotch Cathedral is an experimental psych-pop project from Tucson-based musician Matt Rendon. A longtime purveyor of '60s-influenced, psych-inspired rock, Rendon has led numerous bands since the early '90s, most notably the Resonars, a mostly solo recording project that has been his primary musical vehicle for over two decades. Citing epic concept albums from artists like the Beach Boys and the Who as influences, Rendon launched the Butterscotch Cathedral in 2015, releasing a self-titled debut LP on Trouble in Mind Records. With only three songs, two of which are side-long tracks of 17 minutes or more, it's the kind of high-concept rock album that is a rarity in the digital age. Rendon worked with his friends Chris Ayers and Jim Waters to put the record together. Ayers wrote nearly all the lyrics and Waters contributed sound effects and production advice. ~ Timothy Monger

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