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Though many thought that rap-metal was a forgotten art, Los Angeles band the Chimpz have brought the genre out of retirement with their driving, genre-hopping sound. Made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Artimus Prime, rapper Chris "Chuck P" Coast, guitarist Cary "Scary Cary" Singman, bassist Shawn "Sonic" Lyon, and drummer Sean "Capmasterfresh" Topham, the band draw upon the raw, hip-hop-infused hardcore of early genre pioneers like Suicidal Tendencies and Faith No More, as well as nu-metal influences like Korn and (hed) p.e. In between constant tours, the Chimpz have been self-releasing music through their own imprint, Chimpz Music Worldwide, since 2006, when they released their debut, On Parole. A steady stream of albums would follow, with Home Invasion arriving in 2010, followed by Who Can I Trust in 2011, and War Machine in 2012. Reintroducing themselves to the world, the Chimpz released an eponymous EP in 2014. ~ Gregory Heaney

Los Angeles, CA