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The psychedelic indie pop duo the Dagons began playing their brand of lo-fi rock music in the late '90s. Guitarist and vocalist Karie Jacobson and drummer Drew Kowalski met in the Bay area and began jamming together, then soon fell in love and became a couple. In 1999, after moving to Los Angeles, the ocean-obsessed Dagons (named for the Philistines' half-human, half-fish god) released their home-recorded debut The Other Ending on their own Dead Sea Captain label. Teeth for Pearls followed in November of 2003, sounding like a noisier, country-gothic Beat Happening with the vocals of Heavenly, and minimalist Gypsy-influenced drumming. Despite the lo-fi sound, the record has a unique, otherworldly feel which adds a sprawling, surreal quality to the genre of indie rock. ~ Charles Spano

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