The Kim Philbys

Named for a high-ranking British intelligence officer who at the height of the Cold War was revealed to be a double agent also working for the KGB, eclectic indie pop combo the Kim Philbys were formed by Dominic East (vocals, guitar, and songwriting) and Andrew Gerhan (guitar and bass) after their group Our Lady of the Highway released the album Kill You with Numbers in 2006. Mie Araki joined Our Lady of the Highway as drummer and keyboard player in time for a tour supporting the album, and after working together for several months, East and Gerhan decided Araki's presence had enough of an impact on the group that they were evolving into a new entity that deserved a new name. Calling themselves the Kim Philbys, they began recording a set of new material in the trio members' hometown of San Francisco with engineer and former American Music Club member Tim Mooney in the summer of 2007. In November 2007, the Kim Philbys unveiled their new identity with a special local show, and their debut album, Whir Whir Whir, was released near the end of the year. ~ Mark Deming

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