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An electric jazz quintet based out of Ann Arbor, MI, the Macpodz specialize in an eclectic and very danceable mix of rock, jazz, funk, and fusion that is equal parts Miles Davis and Frank Zappa (or as the band terms it, "disco bebop"). Formed by bassist Brennan Andes, who previously had been playing with local jam-masters Smokestack, and trumpet player Ross Huff, who had been gigging with Descent of the Holy Ghost Church, in February of 2006, the Macpodz also include drummer Griffin Bastian, percussionist Nick Ayers and keyboardist Jesse Clayton. The band's first professional gig was backing up political poet and hip raconteur John Sinclair later that same year, but the Macpodz's infectious, fun energy and dance-heavy approach to musical exploration soon made them a popular draw on their own terms. The self-released and impressively diverse debut album Genius Food for Super Heroes appeared in early 2007. ~ Steve Leggett

Ann Arbor, MI