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As one of the biggest pop-punk bands in Europe, La Spezia, Italy's the Manges formed in 1993 around the core trio of vocalist/guitarist Andrea Caredda, bassist Mass Zannoni (aka Mass Mosrite), and drummer Manuel Cossu. The guys were inspired by bands like the Ramones, the Hard-Ons, and the Queers, and their second guitarist spot rotated over the years, including guys like Hervé Peroncini (later forming the Peawees), Massimo Arnaldi, and Matteo Cerchi (ex-Evolution So Far). They released countless 7" singles and compilation tracks before they decided to fly to New York City in the summer of 2001 to record their first album. The resulting Manges 'R' Good Enough was released in the summer of 2002. (They'd previously also released a split album with the McRackins in the fall of 2000 through Amp Records.) The Manges hooked up with Wynona Records in 2006 for the release of their next album, Go Down, later that same year. It was produced by Joe Hill (the Queers, Teen Idols) and was issued in the U.S. by Fast Music. The guys further released two versions of the compilation album Rocket to You!; the 1999 one covered songs from 1993-1999, while the 2004 edition featured tracks from their career's beginning through 2003. ~ Bradley Torreano

La Spezia, Italy

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