The McKinleys

Sisters Sheila and Jeanette McKinley began their singing careers in the 60s in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their parents were both professional musicians and the duo often featured at local dancehalls. They secured a recording contract when a demo tape reached the production/songwriting team Carter And Lewis. The McKinleys made their debut in March 1965 with ‘Someone Cares For Me’, which, although influenced by the Phil Spector sound, comes to life owing to the duo’s earthy voices and the song’s cavernous arrangement. The follow-up, ‘When He Comes Along’, written and produced by Geoff Stephens, was slightly disappointing, but the McKinleys reached an artistic peak with ‘Sweet And Tender Romance’. This urgent, vibrant Carter/Lewis recording was spurred on by sterling guitar work from Jimmy Page. A haunting ballad, ‘Give Him My Love’, temporarily closed the McKinleys’ recording career in 1965, after which the pair moved to Hamburg where they held a residency at a declining Star Club. Several disappointing records ensued for Dutch Philips Records and in 1971 Sheila McKinley began a solo career in Germany with her cover version of Bob Dylan’s ‘If Not For You’. Both sisters subsequently retired from music.

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