The Modern Society

Embracing the hooks and energy of pop/rock of the '60s, the swagger and big guitars of '70s rock, and the balancing act between angst and high spirits that defined the '80s and '90s, the Modern Society are a band that have absorbed a wide range of influences and turned them into something that's very much their own. The Modern Society were formed in Atlanta, GA in 2005 by lead singer and guitarist Woody Brown and lead guitarist Tyler Bence. Both were veterans of the Atlanta music scene, and after a conversation over a few drinks about what they did and didn't like in music, they decided their ideas were simpatico and they should be working together. Brown and Bence began collaborating on new songs and when they decided to try playing them for an audience, Bence invited a couple high school pals, bassist Chris Martin and drummer Thomas Carter, to back them up. The first gig was an unexpected hit, with 400 people showing up to cheer on the new band, and the Modern Society was off and running. The group managed to score a "Best Local Band" nomination from the Atlanta Music Guide awards after playing just three shows, and the Modern Society wasted no time taking their music into the studio. The members scraped together enough money to record some material with producer Danny Howes, and their debut album, Friends & Enemies, was available by the end of 2005. Most of the next two years was devoted to touring, with the band criss-crossing the South and Midwest, occasionally venturing to the East and West coasts, and even playing some dates in Europe. The Modern Society's hard work and growing fan base caught the attention of Original Signal Recordings, who signed the band to a record deal. The Beat Goes On, the Modern Society's second album, was recorded with producer Stacy Jones, and was released at the end of 2008. ~ Mark Deming

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