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About The New Year

After a couple years of rest that followed the end of Texan slowcore kings Bedhead, brothers and guitarists Matt and Bubba Kadane formed the New Year, a logical extension of their previous band, along with Bedhead fill-in guitarist Peter Schmidt, former Come drummer Chris Brokaw, and bassist Mike Donofrio. After sporadic gigging (touring was one of the reasons for Bedhead's breakup), they recorded Newness Ends in Chicago during late 2000 with Steve Albini. Retaining Bedhead's raw intensity and atmosphere, Newness Ends (released in early 2001 on Touch & Go) extended upon the tempo variation that had only bubbled to the surface on their final record. Keeping a steady lineup, the band worked at a suitably slow and steady pace, releasing The End Is Near in May of 2004 and The New Year during September of 2008. After the latter LP's release, the project was put on the backburner, with the Kadane brothers collaborating with David Bazan and Will Johnson in Overseas. They returned in early 2017 with a single, "Recent History," which heralded the April release of the New Year's long-awaited fourth studio album, Snow. ~ Andy Kellman

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