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Amiable indie rockers the Nobility formed in Nashville, TN, in the early 2000s with multi-instrumentalists Sean Williams, Stephen Jerkins, and Brian Fuzzell. Originally referring to themselves as Jetpack UK, the group was forced to adopt another name in early 2007 when a group that went by a similar name threatened the fledgling indie rockers with legal trouble. The name change did little to stop Williams, Jerkins, and Fuzzell, however; the newly rechristened band released their debut full-length, The Mezzanine, that summer. The album featured a cameo by seasoned saxophonist Jim Hoke, and was built on the kind of swinging, brassy, melodic indie rock that nodded to the songwriting techniques of Elvis Costello and the eclectic pop sensibilities of contemporaries like Tally Hall, Wolf Parade, and the Hard Lessons. ~ Margaret Reges

Nashville, TN

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