The Okee Dokee Brothers

The Okee Dokee Brothers are a Grammy-winning bluegrass and Appalachian folk duo with a focus on children's music. Featuring Denver natives and childhood friends guitarist/singer Joe Mailander and banjo player/singer Justin Lansing, the Okee Dokee Brothers were born out of the duo's shared love of the outdoors and folk music. While both Mailander and Lansing grew up playing music, they eventually earned degrees in Spanish with Lansing attending Lake Forest College in Illinois and Mailander attending Saint John's University in Minneapolis. After graduating college in 2008, they based themselves in Minneapolis and released the debut Okee Dokee Brothers album, Kids with Beards. Two years later, the duo followed up with Take It Outside and the Spanish-language ¡Excelente Fabuloso! In 2012, they took home their first Grammy Award for their fourth album, Can You Canoe? The following year, Mailander and Lansing embarked on an extended tour of the Appalachian Trail, during which they wrote and recorded new music. The trip resulted in the Okee Dokee Brothers' fifth studio album, 2014's Through the Woods, which also earned a Grammy nomination for Best Children's Album. ~ Matt Collar

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