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About The Ravenna Colt

Before launching his own band in 2004, Johnny Quaid played a key role in shaping My Morning Jacket’s sound. He served as the group’s rhythm guitarist and recording engineer for several years, with the band tracking most of its early material in his own studio. Built on a Kentucky farm, Above the Cadillac Studios allowed its clients to record in grain silos, hay lofts, and other rustic farm buildings, and the unique layout lent a spacy, “open air” sound to MMJ’s first three albums. Quaid ultimately left the lineup in 2004, one year before the release of Z, and began focusing on different projects. Although studio work kept him busy, he continued writing music in his downtime, eventually forming the Ravenna Colt as an outlet for his twangy, Southern rock songs. The band signed with Removador Recordings -- a web-based company founded by former bandmate Jim James -- and began touring in 2009, with the debut album Slight Spell arriving the following year. ~ Andrew Leahey

Shelbyville, KY

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