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About The Throbs

The Throbs were heavily hyped as New York's answer to Guns N' Roses, but in reality, there was little to compare. While G'n'R took most of their cues from Aerosmith, adding lots of punk attitude, the Throbs were obvious disciples of the New York Dolls school of glam rock, with a touch of psychedelia. Featuring vocalist Sweetheart, guitarist Roger Ericson, bassist Danny Nordahl, and drummer Ronnie Magri, the Throbs were made a huge priority by Geffen Records. They even recorded their 1991 debut, The Language of Thieves and Vagabonds, under the auspicious guidance of legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Kiss). But despite all record company efforts and a decent showing on radio and MTV by first single "Come Down Sister," the album never connected with consumers. Buckling under enormous pressure, the band quickly splintered, and were history by early 1992. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia