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At a time when promising bands could still thrive in regional markets, yet never draw the attention of the nationally distributed major labels, Texan band Ultra's distinctive and highly professional twin-guitar boogie rock went criminally overlooked despite their logging hundreds of touring miles and four whole years from their home base of San Antonio, TX. Founded in 1974 by vocalist Don Evans and guitarist Galen Niles following the dissolution of their former band, Homer (whose second guitarist Van Wilks went on to a solo career with the Bombay Tears album for Mercury Records), Ultra completed its lineup with guitarist Larry McGuffin, bassist Scott Stephens, and drummer Tom Schleuning, and soon became openers of choice for major touring acts playing in Texas. However, as mentioned above, their own lone star never shone very bright outside the state confines, so that a five-song, white-label promotional EP was all that they managed to press during their lifetime. Finally running out of patience, and concerned with the encroaching advance of both disco and punk, Ultra quietly broke up in 1978; but their recordings would be heroically salvaged over 20 years later, and compiled into a collection entitled simply Ultra by Texas' own Monster Records. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia