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Coming out of Oakland during the mid-'90s, the WhoRidas represented a new generation of hip-hop: hard but intelligent, musical but still deeply funky. Cousins King Saan (Hasaan Mahmoud) and Mr. Taylor (Meikeo Taylor) began freestyling together, and after King Saan made an appearance on his older brother Saafir's 1994 debut album, Boxcar Sessions, the WhoRidas began recording. Their first single, "Shot Callin' & Big Ballin'," sold 15,000 copies out of the back of their car, and with the help of Saafir the pair signed to Delicious Vinyl. With the help of their production crew, Hobo Junction, the WhoRidas released their debut album, Whoridin', in August 1997; the follow-up, Hightimes, appeared in 1999. ~ John Bush

Oakland, CA

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