The Young Scamels

Named from a line in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, experimental post-rockers Young Scamels formed in 2007 to provide the soundtrack for a 2008 production of the classic play at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. Comprised of Christian Frederickson (viola/piano/computer), Greg King (vibraphone, percussion, keyboard), and Rodan/Shipping News veteran Jason Noble (guitar/bass/drums/keyboard), the trio is best known for performing with avant chamber ensemble Rachel’s. Combining classically treated strings with modern electronic touches, a post-rock rhythm section, and haunting vocals often using Shakespeare’s words as source material, the trio captured the play’s mystery, magic, and melancholy live each night. To record debut album Tempest, the group tapped engineer Kevin Ratterman (Wax Fang), vocalist Jeffery V. Thompson, vocalist/arranger Amber Estes (Liberation Prophecy, Invaders), and drummer Kyle Crabtree (Shipping News/Shannon Wright), capturing the spirit of the band’s live performances but adapting it into a stand-alone audio artifact. Tempest was released in fall 2010 on the File Thirteen label. ~ Chrysta Cherrie

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