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About Thomas Bergersen

Norwegian composer Thomas Bergersen is best known for his work scoring high-profile trailers and advertisements for major films. He began composing in 1997 in his native city of Trondheim but eventually relocated to Los Angeles, where he teamed up with fellow composer Nick Phoenix to form the production company Two Steps from Hell in 2006. The pair found huge success in the motion picture industry, going on to score trailers for blockbusters like the Harry Potter films, Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Star Trek, and many more. His dramatic flair and advanced knowledge of digital orchestration have made him a leader in the film trailer industry, though he and Phoenix have also composed for games and television. Although their music could be heard via advertisements, none of it was made public until the 2010 release of Invincible, a compilation of some of the duo's best-known work at the time. The album was a commercial success, charting on iTunes Top 100 soundtracks. The following year Bergersen followed up with a solo release of his own, called Illusions. Even while remaining highly active with Two Steps from Hell, he continued releasing a number of singles and returned with a second solo release, Sun, in late 2014. ~ Timothy Monger

Trondheim, Norway
Jul 4, 1980

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