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About Three Bean Salad

Not to be confused with a smooth Latin jazz group of the same name, Three Bean Salad is a group of punk revivalists from southern California, founded all the way back in 1987 by vocalist Eddie Gomez, guitarist Mike Salas, and bassist Michael Cano. Gomez and Cano met in a college art class, bonding over their love of classic punk both local (X, the Plugz, the Weirdos, and otherwise the Clash), not to mention the then-current underground rock scene epitomized by the SST label roster. They began jamming with Gomez's friend Salas, and soon began playing the local scene. However, it would be 14 long years before Three Bean Salad would enter the recording studio; by that time, Gerry Gomez (Eddie's younger brother) had become the drummer. The band recorded all of the songs for its debut album, Shut Up and Eat Your Beans, in one night and it was released in 2001 by Blue Indian. ~ Steve Huey