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Tracy + The Plastics

Tracy + the Plastics is an explosive electro-dance solo project of Wynne Greenwood, an Olympia, WA-based performance artist who takes on the alter-ego of Tracy, while video-projected sidekicks, Nikki Romanos and Cola, act as backups the Plastics. She began in the video-band Meme Americaand soon progressed into this fractured, multiple-personality-disorder-themed act. Their live performances are marked by Greenwood's snotty, Kathleen Hanna-style vocals and generally grand presence. Video star Nikki plays the highbrow artiste, while Cola is the more politically active pixel bit.

Tracy + the Plastics put out a 30-minute videotape and released the track "Oh Maria" on the Mr. Lady comp All Kings and Queens. Her first full-length album, Muscler's Guide to Videonics on Chainsaw Records, was recorded by Joe Preston (of the Thrones, the Need, and the Melvins), and mixes garbled, lo-fi drum machines with whining keyboards. It also features guest Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney. Tracy + the Plastics returned in 2004 with Culture for Pigeon, a CD and DVD set released by Troubleman Unlimited. ~ Daphne G.A. Carr

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