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After leaving noise experimenters Harry Pussy (and, at the same time, husband Bill Orcutt) around 1996, Adris Hoyos took her pounding drum assault and primal-scream vocals to Transmission, a new project in which she teamed both professionally and personally with Shadow Ring guitarist Graham Lambkin. Transmission worked in much the same format and territory as Harry Pussy, though the results tended to be somewhat more structured and subdued. Their first release was a four-song EP on the British indie label Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers. A self-titled full-length album followed on New York's Audible Hiss label -- the same one that had released Bill Orcutt's solo debut -- in 1997. However, by that time, Hoyos and Lambkin's relationship was on the rocks, effectively spelling the end of Transmission. Their last recordings were issued on a split EP, Put Out C-Out, which also featured work from Shadow Ring and Bloodmouse. Hoyos went on to work with the noise trio Monastat 3. ~ Steve Huey

Ann Arbor, MI

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