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Producer/DJ/electronic musician Dean Bagar, later known as Tricky D, was born and raised in Croatia. Bagar spent his youth pursuing visual arts as well as getting into music as part of the local punk scene before moving to London in the late '80s, and then later to Berlin as the years wound on. He has worked as a DJ, a producer, and with live drum-n-bass act Elektronauts, as well as opening a record shop. By the late '90s, he'd begun working under various pseudonyms, releasing various singles exploring drum-n-bass as well as 2-step garage. Along with various collaborations and solo excursions, Bagar worked as a producer for others throughout most of the 2000s and beyond. His debut as Tricky D came with 2014's Equanimity, a pastiche of downtempo electronica, dubstep bass, raga-inspired dub poetry, and other tropical influences. ~ Fred Thomas

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