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Trio Voronezh is an unusual chamber group playing Russian folk instruments in concerts ranging from Russian folk and popular song to their own arrangements of classical chamber works. The trio's members are all from the Russian city of Voronezh and are graduates of the Academy of Music in Voronezh. Together, they are Vladimir Volochin, Valerie Petruchin, and Sergei Teleshev. Volochin (born 1966) plays domra, a three-stringed instrument in the mandolin family with a long neck that was the precursor to the balalaika and a leading solo instrument in Russia. Volochin has played the instrument since he was six and won the 1988 Russian National Championship in the All Russian Domra Competition. Petruchin (born 1974) plays the double bass balalaika, a three-stringed instrument with a distinctive triangular body made of fir. He started playing accordion and took up balalaika at the age of 19. Teleshev (born 1971) plays the bayan, a Russian form of chromatic-button accordion. One of the instrument's distinctions is that its buttons to change its registers are at the top of the instrument, so the player can operate them with the chin. Teleshev has won several prizes for his playing and has studied the instrument since he was six. They formed the Trio Voronezh in 1993 and were discovered by the director of the Oregon Bach Festival in 1994, as the trio was playing in a subway in Frankfurt, Germany. Before coming to the United States, they won the Best Ensemble Award at the Klingental International Accordion Competition. When they played the 1996 Bach Festival, their unusual arrangements of chamber music and their lively, entertaining stage style made them instant hits. They have frequently appeared in the United States, returning to the Oregon Bach Festival in 1997. They have appeared on the Prairie Home Companion radio show in the U.S. and at the Ann Arbor Festival. In concert, their popular and folk music ranges from Russian material to tangos by the Buenos Aires composer Astor Piazzolla. Their classical repertory uses their own arrangements of works from composers as diverse as Bach, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, and Schubert.