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In 1999, Columbus, Ohio's Twin Cam was a two-piece band. Consisting only of Mike Sammons on drums and vocals and Mark Borror on electric guitar, Twin Cam toured the local bar and tavern circuit. With the drummer doing the singing from behind his kit and the guitarist jumping around the stage, their shows were often bizarre and unpredictable. Occasionally, the two free-wheeling musicians would switch instruments, with comical and surprising results. But it was all in the "who cares, let's have fun" spirit that defined this band. In spring 2000, bassist Chad Scholtisek answered an ad for a band seeking a bass player, and within a month the trio was performing live and putting the final touches on their debut CD. Columbus Day, completed in June of 2000, was independently produced and released by Twin Cam. The band had plans to launch nationwide distribution efforts that same year. ~ Roxanne Blanford

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