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Their music isn't quite as strange as their name, but it's close. UUVVWWZ (pronounced "double U, double V, double double U, Zee") take their weirdo cues from indie bands like Deerhoof, Micachu, and Kap Bambino with unconventional song structures, angular guitar riffage, rigid start-stop rhythms, and frantic yelping. Guitarist Jim Schroeder, bassist Dustin Wilbourn, drummer Tom Ambroz, and vocalist Teal Gardner formed the group in their hometown of Lincoln, NE, in 2007. That year, they wrote nine songs and made plans to record them before Teal left town to go to college. As their self-titled album started nearing completion, she decided to stay, and after departing on a small East Coast tour, their debut was scheduled to be released on the Lincoln indie label It Are Good Records. Nearby in Omaha, Robb Nansel, president of Saddle Creek Records, caught wind of the group's wild shows and he set up a meeting to sign the band. After amicably parting ways with It Are Good to move to the home of Cursive and Bright Eyes, the record was remixed by Criteria's bassist A.J. Mogis and officially released by Saddle Creek on June 7, 2009. ~ Jason Lymangrover

Lincoln, NE

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