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German rapper Vega was born Andre Witter in Offenbach am Main to a German mother and an Italian father. Using the alias VRS, he released his first self-made download EP, titled Erst der Anfang, in 2004, followed by a download mixtape called Unzerfikkbar Mixtape in 2005. Together with rapper Kid Kobra and producer Djorkaeff, he recorded the song "Nicht Mehr Feierlich," which was brought to the attention of fellow rapper Separate, who then signed the newcomer to his Buckwheats Music label. In 2006, Vega and Separate released a collaboration album titled Deutsche Probleme, but Vega's often announced solo debut kept getting postponed. In 2007, he offered another download EP, called Adlerjunge, and a year later he left Buckwheats Music and founded his own label, Butterfly Music, together with the production team Emonex (M1X). October 2009 finally saw the release of Vega's debut album, Lieber Bleib Ich Broke, which was followed by another download EP in September 2010, Die Wahrheit Ist Hässlich. The same month, Vega had a falling out with Emonex, so he left Butterfly Music and founded another label, Freunde von Niemand, in March 2011. In January 2012 Vega released his second solo album, Vincent, which entered the German charts at number five. Vega enjoyed even greater success with his third full-length album, 2013's Nero, which peaked at number two in Germany and sold well in Austria and Switzerland. ~ Christian Genzel

Offenbach, Germany

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