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About Vicente Fernández

More than just the undisputed king of traditional ranchera music, Vicente Fernández -- "El Idolo de Mexico" -- is one of Mexico's most recognizable and influential cultural icons. With his supersized sombreros, prominent black mustache, and eye-popping costumes, and an orchestra overpopulated with horns and strings players in matching mariachi outfits, Fernández onstage is a larger-than-life figure. Matching his visual presentation is an operatic voice that relates to the singer's humble beginnings and everyman song lyrics. His concerts both in Mexico and the U.S. routinely sell out despite a near-total dearth of non-Latino media coverage, and his 100-plus albums have reportedly sold in excess of 50 million copies. ~ Jeff Tamarkin

Huentitan del Alto, Mexico
Feb 17, 1940

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