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Pronounced "Voyager 3," Detroit's Voyag3r feature keyboardist Steve Greene, guitarist Aaron Greene, and drummer Greg Mastin. Inspired by the soundtracks to vintage horror, action, and sci-fi films, the trio creates experimental rock that owes a debt to pioneers like John Carpenter and shares a kinship with bands such as Trans Am, Teeth of the Sea, and Zombi. Voyag3r recorded their debut single, Victory in the Battle Chamber, in early 2013 and released it in June of that year via Bellyache Records. The band entered the studio late in 2013 to record its first full-length. The results were 2014's Doom Fortress; two songs from the album were featured in the short film Portal to Hell!, which starred "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Later that year, Voyag3r issued the Secret of the Ice Mountain single. They returned in 2016 with the full-length Are You Synthetic? and contributed a track to the soundtrack to Rise of the Synths, a crowdfunded documentary about synthwave and retro electronic music. ~ Heather Phares