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About White Rainbow

White Rainbow is the solo project of Portland-based experimental/psychedelic musician Adam Forkner, who also played with Yume Bitsu and Surface of Eceon and works with Valet's Honey Owens as the duo World. As White Rainbow, Forkner plays music that is wide-ranging, encompassing lengthy pieces inspired by La Monte Young, Tangerine Dream, and Miles Davis, and he has also created multimedia installation works. In 2003, he released [[[[VVRSSNN]]]], which fused the space rock of Yume Bitsu with forays into electronic music, under his own name. That year, he also recorded several CD-Rs on his own and with members of Landing; the results were released in 2005 as ZOME. The simply named Box, a five-disc and DVD set, arrived a year later and featured the 2003 CD-Rs as well as footage from White Rainbow's installation pieces. White Rainbow released several albums in 2007, including that spring's Sun Shifts, which was released on Marriage Records; Sky Drips Drifts, which States Rights put out that summer; and Prism of Eternal Now, which arrived on CD that fall via Kranky (and was also released by Marriage Records on vinyl). Forkner toured in support of Prism of Eternal Now with Atlas Sound and Valet, and their deeper and trippier atmospherics inspired him to push his musical boundaries even farther on his next album. White Rainbow's second Kranky release, the sprawling, hypnotic New Clouds, arrived in fall 2009. ~ Heather Phares

Portland, OR

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