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Led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Gus Seyffert, Willoughby released its first album, I Know What You're Up To, in 2008. While the album did feature input from outside collaborators, Willoughby's unique blend of classic analog rock like the Zombies and Harry Nilsson, and more modern sounds like Inara George and Brit-pop was all Seyffert. But Willoughby was not the only venue for Seyffert's talent, as he collaborated with the aforementioned George on an EP with the Bird and the Bee, as well as an appearance -- as Willoughby -- on a Junkie XL release. In addition to the album release and other collaborations, Willoughby spread its magic with a series of tours, including a 2007 jaunt with Sia and an all-encompassing North American tour in 2008. ~ Chris True

Los Angeles, CA

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