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Woven Bones -- a group whose grimy, blissed-out noise pop gives a nod to Beach Fossils and the Fresh & Onlys -- got their start in 2008 as frontman Andrew Burr's solo project. Burr, who was living in Orlando, FL at the time, dubbed the project Woven Bones in a reference to the act of crossing fingers for good luck. "I was coming out of a pretty rough period in my life, and [Woven Bones] was the thing that gave me some solid direction," he said in an interview with Spinner in 2010. Upon relocating to Austin, TX, Burr rounded out Woven Bones' line-up with bassist Matty and drummer James -- the latter amicably parted ways with the trio soon after he joined, and drummer Carolyn was brought in to complete Woven Bones' lineup in 2010. The band's first singles, released in the first two years of their existence, came out via Sweet Rot Records, Needless Records, Hardly Art, and HoZac Records; an EP, The Minus Touch, was released via Zoo Music. Their debut long-player, In and Out and Back Again, was released on HoZac in the spring of 2010. ~ Margaret Reges