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About Xenia Ghali

A fashionista with her own line of high-end hand jewelry, Xenia Ghali is also a big-room DJ plus a songwriter and producer signed to Pitbull's label. Raised in Athens, Greece, Xenia began learning the piano at age five, then began picking up other orchestra instruments before focusing on pop and rock in her teens, when she learned to play the drums and guitar. Attending college in London turned the multi-instrumentalist on to dance music, and soon she bought two turntables, spinning house music and then all flavors of dance. Small gigs turned into medium gigs, then slots at the mega-clubs Ministry of Sound and Pacha in Ibiza meant she was in the rank of superstar DJ. Earning a master's degree in music production from NYU brought her to America, where she began recording her own demos. In 2014 she was signed to Pitbull's Mr. 305 label and released the single "Broken," featuring Katt Rockell. ~ David Jeffries